Emergency Response


On [DATE] an accident occurred at [LOCATION]. We are executing our crisis response plan now. Our first concern is employee safety. At this time, we understand there are [NUMBER] employees [injured or still under ground]. We’re working to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

Emergency Contacts

  • Family members will be contacted directly or you may call our corporate human resources group at [NUMBER]
  • Members of the media may contact [NAME] in Corporate Communications at [NUMBER]
  • U.S. U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration www.msha.gov

Video Library


Aerial Images

  • Wolverine Fuels Mine #2 Aerial Image
  • Dugout Canyon Mine Aerial Image
  • Skyline Mine Aerial Image
  • Sufco Mine Aerial Image


Company Safety Facts

Safety rate: [Wolverine Fuels TEXT NEEDED]

Underground safety rate: [Wolverine Fuels TEXT NEEDED]

Dedication to continuous improvement: [Wolverine Fuels TEXT NEEDED]

Behavior-based safety: [Wolverine Fuels TEXT NEEDED]

Crisis-ready culture: [Wolverine Fuels TEXT NEEDED]

Mine rescue team: [Wolverine Fuels TEXT NEEDED]


Mine Photos